I was going to title this “Burning”, the feeling you get when something lights a fire inside you. Sometimes it is the New Year with its possibility and untouched snow; fresh tracks there for the making. Sometimes it is a creative work, like it was today.

Double Fine PsychOdyssey got me all excited about making things again. I backed the original Double Fine Adventure just to watch the “making of” documentary, and now the same thing for Psychonauts 2 is available!

But sometimes there is no snow on New Year’s day, and the muddy tracks of the previous year are all that can be seen. And that’s when the burning turns to yearning—when the “doing” falls away.

But no more! Time to fire up the mental snow machine and carpet the vision of my imagination with mounds of untouched fluffy flakes. And the snow machine in my mind produces perfect marshmallow drifts, not the icy granules of this mortal world.

Time to do.

Set fire to the yearning.